Alternative Proteins

Dyadic International, Inc. (NASDAQ: DYAI)

We are a global biotechnology company committed to building disruptive microbial platforms to address the growing demand for global protein bioproduction and unmet clinical needs for effective, affordable, and accessible biopharmaceutical products for human and animal health.

With a passion to enable our partners and collaborators to develop effective preventative and therapeutic treatments in both developed and emerging countries, Dyadic is building an active pipeline by advancing its proprietary filamentous fungal based

Reducing the cost of recombinant protein production requires a highly productive, low-cost expression system with commercial scale flexibility.  We are actively applying our proprietary Dapibus™ platform and other technologies to address this unmet need in the global market for non-pharmaceutical recombinant proteins.

Food and Nutrition

  • In addition to launching a strategic partnership with a global food ingredient company, Dyadic is actively exploring licensing and product opportunities within the alternative meats industry.
  • To support commercialization efforts across the alternative protein markets, Dyadic is exploring internal and partnership opportunities for enzymes, growth factors, and cell culture media components.

Health and Wellness

  • Development work has been established for select primary and secondary metabolites, such as nicotinamide riboside which may have potential cardiovascular benefits.
  • Dyadic has also developed Intellectual Property regarding the production of cannabinoids in its technology, with a focus on the production of rare cannabinoids unfeasible from plants.

Development and Diagnostics

  • Dyadic is currently expanding its portfolio of reagent, research and cGMP grade materials for product development in vaccines and diagnostic use.
  • In 2022, we initiated an animal free recombinant serum albumin and other projects to support our efforts in this segment.
  • Dyadic is also currently expanding its portfolio in industrial enzymes and biofuels.

Alternative Protein Products Currently in Development